Milano Fashion Week Performance feat. Maya Richards

Visually exploring jewelry through costume and dance is at the core of all
of my current work and vibrant line of jewelry. I build vibrationally charged
Talismans and my current line is brimming with this energy. I encourage
light, love and joy into our world through the idea of Talismans, gems and
unusual objects. I build large, bold expressive jewelry to be worn and
expressed in its natural state through movement, dance, sound, and
     I witnessed beautiful cultural dances as a big picture that included
magnificent visual adornment of costumes and layers of jewelry moveable
and chiming with each drum beat, Adornment in its splendor that tells a
holistic and complete story of individual culture. 
      As for my jewelry, I began and collected Magical pieces from all over
the world that were created of metal, stone, gems, small objects, marks,
icons and symbolism to protect and ward off evil and to bring abundance,
love, prosperity and other qualities that one would wish for, as well as
warding off the negative evil eye.  
    In my work, I build my own magical jewelry pieces that have significance
from my cultural experiences, and I call them, Talismans, Amulets and
Prayer boxes. My work expresses personal pieces of adornment built with
a high and specific vibration.     
   Talismans are objects charged with positive or negative energy by a
person through energies of the moon, the sun, day of the week, Talismans,
at its core, spread their magic by a repetition of seeing a word (or an object that
makes you feel a particular way such as happy, enlightened or in love or full of
strength and abundance.  Talismans are built to bring us joy, happiness, with the
repetition of viewing and by charging qualities.   
   This is my body of work that is charged with magic and worn to feel
beautiful with vibrations.