My Personal Talismans

My Personal Talismans

As an artist I realized that I had to find a way to make my work my own and not borrow from other cultures. I have selected the following three pieces that represent the core of my artistic style. Each of these pieces contain deep personal meaning to me, and contain strong ties to my childhood and upbringing.

Talismans Necklace

This piece is designed to hold the power of the objects placed upon it. It is a contemporary Talisman, built of my own culture, though It shares the same characteristics as perhaps, a warriors bundle or magical piece worn by a medicine man or woman. Upon closer examination you can view very ordinary objects such as record shards, license plate tin, feathers, altered beach glass and river rock, ruler shards, chicken bone, pencils, light bulbs and clock parts. Once discarded objects, when altered and united carry their own sense of importance. I enjoy lending power to the ordinary.

The Poker Game

My father, a public accountant, taught us our math through a variety of card games such as crazy eights, seven-up and poker. We learned how to bet our pennies at an early age. As I grew up, I would often be involved in heated poker games involving nickels and quarters, sometimes dollars. There we would be in an intense, smoke filled room placing our bets.

This piece, A necklace called, The Poker Game, is about all that is involved in an actual game. I am comforted by seeing this action packed piece and can almost see the smoke filled room. The materials I choose were 52 playing cards encased in sterling silver, 2 jokers encased in beer cans with a bell attached, poker chips, cigarette butts, matches and a real $100 bill. It was important to the theme of the necklace that the $100 bill be a whole one because if you were in a pinch in the middle of a game you could pull this charm apart, tape the bill together and you are back in the game.

Energy Talismans Necklace

The Energy Talisman – Built 2006 – is a powerful wearable Talismans Necklace worn to gain vibrancy, renewal  and strength. 

A collection of pencil stubs were saved for me by a second grade class at Montessori school where I used to teach the Arts Program.  I would watch all the children cognitively active, thinking, writing, focusing  and erasing. From my studies of Talismans, this process looked the same to me as to how you would go about building your own Talisman. I saw them containing energy in these pencil stubs. (The complete book of Amulets and Talismans – Migene Gonzalez -Wippler) These individual components were powerfully bound together and meant to hold all of its vibrancy and energy collectively as a whole.

It is worn for invigorating and this energetic piece will resume balance and energy to me by placing it around my neck.